Wednesday, October 31, 2012

the times, they are a-changin'

October has slipped into November.  70 degrees has changed to 40.   The general law school attitude has changed from distant thoughts of finals to panic because finals are now only a month away, and a month cannot possibly be long enough.  I want the break to come quickly so that I can see my brothers and sisters in Mississippi, go to Maine, celebrate the holidays, and rest.  But at the same time, I am scared of what I face until then, and while I would consider myself more emotionally stable than a lot of people at this point, I'm just saying.  If I could get a hold of Hermione's time-turner, I would be totally down with that.  

But the times, they are a-changin', and if I have been in denial about that at all, I have had this tree to remind me.  I pass it every day, on the way to school and back.  And it's as good an example as any that 

The leaves have changed,

changed some more,

and finally fallen.

Can a girl get a pause button around these parts?  Where does the time (and the leaves!) go?

But that's the challenge, isn't it?  We want life to speed up, we want life to slow down, but regardless of our personal desires and wishes life goes on.  The only real choice is to go on with it.  So here's to embracing the changin' times - the new month (although I will always and forever mourn the end of October), the colder weather, the barren trees, even the studying.  It will all be beautiful in its own way, regardless of what anyone tries to tell us.

Even still - if you want to find me a time-turner or a pause button for the sake of my Contracts exam...  I'm just throwing that out there.  This may be the hardest month and a half of my life to date, but tonight, at least, I think I'm feeling up for the challenge.  Outlining, flashcard making, tea, and apple pie await...

come gather 'round people wherever you roam
and admit that the waters around you have grown
and accept it that soon you'll be drenched to the bone,
if your time to you is worth savin', 
then you better start swimmin' or you'll sink like a stone
for the times, they are a-changin'...
[bob dylan]

Saturday, October 27, 2012


I'm not going to lie.  This week was pretty rough.  I thought school was already in high-gear.  Apparently, there is turbo-gear, and it is scary.  But a bad week of class does not equate a bad week of life.  Especially this month.

Fall in Kentucky is beautiful.  And while this state is so different than Mississippi (more on that later), it has its own grand adventures that I have been fortunate to take advantage of lately.

 More time at Keeneland

Red River Gorge last Saturday.  Absolutely breathtaking. 

And of course, leaves falling everywhere.

I still feel kind of out of place here, but I definitely love it.  And I think the water must be getting to me or something, because the Bluegrass music is rubbing off on me too.  This song, on repeat, all day:

No action-packed activities planned for this weekend (besides the ridiculous law school Halloween party I just got back from) - it's time to sleep and study for a day or two.  I love October adventures, but I think I can stand to handle a little rest for a change.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

my favorite superheroes

"Katie, take a picture of me in my superman room!..."

[Steven + rabbit + toothbrush.  Sometimes it's best not to ask.] 

[Jefersson, after performing a highly impressive Superman stunt move on his bed]

Flashback to August 2011 - just a little mid-week pick-me-up to put a smile on your face.  LOVE these kids, and hoping for a chance to go see them again soon!

Monday, October 8, 2012

october (week one)

Keeneland on Friday all day, spontaneous Page CXVI concert road trip Sunday night, quality friend time and conversations, changing leaves, sunny weather...I'd call the first week of my favorite month a success.  With research assignments and oddly timed makeup classes all week it could be hard to top, but still hoping for an equally as good if not better week 2 from here until the weekend!

[Extra note about Keeneland: It is awesome.  I appreciate having grown up liking horse racing, but actually being able to go to the horse races is infinitely more exciting and beautiful.]

Thought for the day #1: "Anyone can do the possible.  Add courage and with a bit of zeal, some may do the phenomenal.  But it is only the Christians who are obliged to do the impossible." [A.W. Tozer]

Thought for the day #2: "What do you call two bananas?  A pair of slippers!" [Sean Courtney, whispering to me during class as we discuss slip-and-fall torts liability claims.  Timely, agreed?]
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