Tuesday, October 26, 2010

el fin.

I had heard that seeing all of the new baby girls run down the hill to the big white house would be an incredible experience; that everything would suddenly be worth it; that the past ten months - and especially the past four days - would suddenly make sense.

I had no idea it could be THAT great.

I had no idea how excited I would feel when I stood with Emily to read out the names of our NINETY-FIVE new favorite girls.

I had no idea that I would grow this much.

I had no idea how supportive so many different people would be throughout this whole process; my friends, of course, were there for me, but people who I'm not even particularly close to helped in ways I would never have dreamed, and I could not have made it without ALL them.

I had no idea that God could be this faithful.

I didn't think we would ever make it to this picture, but here we are! And while I'm so glad it's finished, it was so, so worth it.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

it's a wonderful life.

Recipe for excellence:

1. Perfect fall weather
2. Sunday morning worship at the Orchard
3. Brunch buffet at Lenora's
4. Naptime
5. Dessert extravaganza - pie, cookies, AND cupcakes
6. Nighttime frisbee in the front yard of the Deeg
7. Absolutely incredible friends
8. The 21st birthday of the best roommate on earth

I am so lucky to experience days like today. I cannot imagine better friends, a better roommate, a better Savior, a better spontaneous night. Here's to you Anna D. a.k.a. the one the club can't handle. Thank you for giving us an especially good reason to celebrate.

It's a wonderful life.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

finally the weekend.

One of my favorite things about Ole Miss is this: the weekend starts on Thursday afternoon. Really, it does. I left logic class at 2:45, made some phone calls, and called it a week. I have two classes tomorrow morning, and I'll go to them (probably). But they matter little, and the fun starts tonight.

October is my favorite month; one of these days I'll tell you why, but for now you'll have to get used to hearing me talk about my obscure October obsession. These first seven days have been excellent but exhausting. I'm excited for these next couple of days and an opportunity to soak up the fall weather and have some fun. For example, my friends and I are most likely going to Memphis tomorrow afternoon to hit up some shopping and enjoy each others' company. I tried to tell myself that I would only go if I get my work done today and tomorrow morning, but that's obviously a lie. I'll go anyway when it comes down to it; how could I not? I'm responsible, but not responsible enough to miss a day of randomness with best friends. That's why I find myself typing this post right now instead of making lists, reading mail, or calling DG alums. You'd think the fact that rush is 13 days away would help me focus... I guess some things never change. And, after all, it is the weekend.

Go do something exciting to celebrate the fall, and how good the weather is, and how good life is. And when you go, bring Bob with you. I'm not kidding - The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan is October music. Hope you enjoy this album, this weekend, and this month as much as I do.

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