Friday, December 7, 2012

so they say

Two down, two to go.  A week from now exactly, I'll be leavin' on that jet plane to see Mary McCall White become Mary McCall McArthur, to dance it up all that night and then crash at the beach for a few days with all my brothers and sisters who are still stateside.  And if that in itself isn't a dream come true, THEN I get to go to Maine, where I will enjoy the freezing temperatures with a fire in the fireplace and Christmas lights in the cabin. 

But before I get too lost in those magical thoughts - contracts calls.  Offer and acceptance, parol evidence, promissory estoppel...anyone?  Looking for a friend...  (But seriously, if you have no clue what I'm talking about, good for you.  I would keep up whatever you're currently doing that isn't law school finals for as long as possible....) 

Happy Friday, friends.  Hang in there, whatever you're up to.
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