10,000 words

If a picture is worth a thousand words, here are ten thousand of them that I particularly enjoy and that best describe life as of late...

Accepting the fact that this is what I wish I was doing 100% of the time helps make sense of life.

Sometimes you just need to play in a corn field, even if it's a dead one.

Hermana.  This pretty much sums up our relationship.

Steven and Jefersson.  Sunglasses swag.  These boys have my heart.

THE picture.  The only one of all of us.  Where everyone looks creepishly perfect.  Muffin Club foreverrrrr.

 First week in the Brick House, it was necessary to search the attic for hidden treasure.  No ladder?  No problem.  High school cheerleading saves the day. 

Cotton field racing at Julie's farm

Absolutely perfect (if not entirely legal) campsite

Brothers and Sisters Go to Anchor Ball...Use your imagination to picture the ensuing ridiculousness.

Been there, true story.  It was amazing (and windy).

More pictures to follow.  In the mean time, enjoy a few glimpses into the life I have been living, both overseas and in Oxford, with the greatest people you'll find anywhere in the world.

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